Honore Nkafor Shiyntum,
Ph.D. Candidate in Biochemistry

Honore is a Ph.D. Candidate in Biochemistry, with an MSc and a BA in the same study area. He is experienced in laboratory research, analysis of results, and writing and publishing scientific materials. Honore has previously worked on the Upwork and Livingston Research platforms as a freelance writer, and still works as a scientific researcher and consultant at the Biophysics and Biochemistry Department, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University. He is fluent in French and Russian and counts English as a native language.

Honore overseas client services at Shnkafor Scientific Articles, handling biology- and medicine-related scientific write-ups per clients' requests. All works are subject to discussions, arrangements, and agreement with clients. The duration of each task depends on the complexity and length of material, as well as on the contract in place. Prices are competitive and in case of continuity with any given client, subject to negotiations. Browse through, find the service(s) you require, and hit the 'contact me' button or fill the inquiry form. You will receive a response within 2 business days.


Note: Due to respect for copyright policies, past works of clients will not be displayed in Portfolio (the same applies to your future works).