10 Easy Steps to Help You come up with a Professional Scientific Research Article

Writing a scientific article can be easy or difficult, depending on what you make it be. Those who find it easy to write papers have steps that make it easy for them. As a scientific writing freelancer, editing freelancer, proofreading freelancer, and more, here is my take on writing science-related research scripts:



  1. Create a hypothesis (an original and plausible idea)! You can get this by reading the latest writings in your field;
  2. Develop your thesis! Find literature to corroborate your thoughts; this is easy if you used past scientific materials to construct your theory;
  3. List and research on materials and methods you would require for your investigation;
  4. Carry out your research, repeating the process a few times to make sure your results are dependable;
  5. Present a clear and concise report of your findings! (Avoid having to discuss your results when presenting them);
  6. Back up your deductions by advancing argument as to why your research was a success, or on the other hand, why you think your results were contrary to your imagination (here you might consider thinking outside the box);
  7. Provide a final paragraph (short and precise conclusion) that includes advantages and disadvantages, as well as perspectives;
  8. Proofread your work for any grammatical errors and missing or misrepresented material;
  9. Have one or two people, preferably with more experience (supervisor, lecturers, and senior students) than you, take a look at your work;  
  10. Format your paper according to journal instructions, adding any other section requested of you before submitting it.